A New Year… and a New Blog!

My mother has been telling me that I need to start a blog pretty much since I began college. Every time I come home from school, and often over the phone, she says to me, “Becca, you really should start a blog.” So now, nearly four years later and headed towards graduation, I’ve finally decided to listen to her. (Shout out to my mom, probably the only person reading this—hey Momma!) Over the years her topic suggestions have varied; apparently I’m an expert on everything from books to curly hair to music to college survival tips… who knew! But my mom’s most recent suggestion was that I write a blog about my “trials and tribulations.” What? Who would want to read about those? Besides, it’s not like I have any real trials or tribulations. I’m not battling a life-threatening disease or becoming the youngest person to travel the world WHILE SPENDING ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY (side note: if anyone knows how to do this, let me know, please—we can be co-bloggers!) or doing absolutely anything else spectacular that other people might also want to learn about or do or experience; I’m just a twenty-something trying to figure out how to “make it” in the world, just like a million other twenty-somethings just like me. And, if we’re being honest, I have NO idea how to even do that. So, after spewing out all of those reasons why I shouldn’t do it (my typical response to starting something new), I asked my mom why she thought my “trials and tribulations” were blog-worthy. After a pause and a left turn—we have most of our groundbreaking discussions in the car, doesn’t everyone do that?—she said, “Lots of people get a kick out of reading about other people’s struggles…” and implied that I struggle more on a daily basis than most humans do in a week (thanks, Mom) and could probably entertain a lot of people. So, here we are (cue “Let Me Entertain You” from Gypsy), with me doing the virtual equivalent of a kick line.

Although I’m sure you all (and by all, I mean my one reader; hi again, Mom!) would love to hear about my so-called “trials and tribulations,” I think that this blog will be about a lot more than that. I’d like to think of this as sort of a conglomeration of topics. You know, one week it might be a great recipe I found for a super yummy dessert (I love baking), and the next it might be a book review, or a list of songs that I think you MUST check out RIGHT AWAY, or advice on how to not procrastinate on that big project (in which you can procrastinate by reading my blog), or, if all else fails, a harrowing recount of the latest trial or tribulation I’ve conquered. In short, who knows where this will go? I certainly don’t. But I’m going to give it a try. Why? It’s a new year; it’s a chance to (hopefully) work on my writing; I’ve been told that I’m funny; it might look good as I attempt to get a publishing company to hire me (HI Penguin Random House!!); maybe this will help one of those million other twenty-somethings that I mentioned earlier have some idea of what they’re doing if they can learn from my mistakes; and, if nothing else, maybe, as my mother originally thought, my struggles can provide some entertainment to someone out there. So welcome aboard! Here we go… And by the way, thanks Mom.